Writing posts with Ghost
Discover familiar formatting options in a functional toolbar and the ability to add dynamic content seamlessly.
Member Only Post
The Ghost editor has everything you need to fully optimise your content. This is where you can add tags and authors, feature a post, or turn a post into a page.
Welcome to Ghost
A few things you should knowGhost is designed for ambitious, professional publishers who want to actively build a busine
Managing admin settings
There are a couple of things to do next while you're getting set up: making your site private and inviting your team.
Organising your content
Ghost has a flexible organisational taxonomy called tags and the ability to create custom site structures using dynamic routes.
Apps & integrations
Work with all your favourite apps and tools or create your own custom integrations using the Ghost API.
Creating a custom theme
Ghost comes with a beautiful default theme designed for publishers which can easily be adapted for most purposes, or you can build a custom theme to suit your needs.

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